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The Law Office Celebrates Its First Year!

                The Law Office of Elizabeth L. Carter is proud to announce the celebration of its one year anniversary. Founded in 2017 by Elizabeth Carter, the firm has proudly grown exponentially in its inaugural year, including doubling the size of its client base, without sacrificing its dedication to its clients, and is looking forward to building on its momentum in the upcoming year. Clients have found Elizabeth by looking for lawyer advice or finding that they need a lawyer immediately, and she has been able to assist them with an initial [free] consultation. “I’m proud of what we have accomplished so far with my clients and within the community, especially here in the City of Newark, and I look forward to reaching new heights with the firm this upcoming year,” said Elizabeth of the firm’s success.


Celebrating Its History


            The Law Office of Elizabeth L. Carter arose from Elizabeth’s motivation to create a different experience for the client. A Michigan native, it was Rutgers – School of Law’s reputation as an institute for using law to effectuate social change and the “People’s Electric Law School” that drew Elizabeth to create a law practice with similar principles of progressive social change in mind. The firm grew out of her vision of taking the spirit of innovation that she found at the law school and combining it with creative freedom to improve the way lawyers interact with their clients.


Client Focus


Dedication to social change drives the firm’s focus on serving its clients and their needs, whatever they may be. The firm’s commitment to understanding its clients and exciting them about the new chapters that legal assistance can open for them in each of their journeys is what is most exciting about the firm. “My favorite part about working with my clients is the brainstorming and strategy session we do together in order to help their individual business,” says Elizabeth. A business owner herself, Elizabeth is driven by the spirit of entrepreneurism that her clients have for bringing their business dreams to fruition. Many potential clients come to Elizabeth thinking “I need a lawyer,” but unsure of exactly why. She listens to their needs and lets them focus on their goals, not on the minutia of legal detail.


In fact, the firm’s clients have experienced first-hand its dedication to their interests and its unique ability to empathize and communicate effectively. They come to her looking for a real estate lawyer or business lawyer and get so much more.

“I had the amazing pleasure to be introduced to Elizabeth through a mutual client and it’s been a great relationship ever since. She has worked on both my nonprofit organization as well as my for-profit company and I am so thankful for all that she has done. The great attention to detail, the follow-ups, the clear communication and the effort to ensure I had a deep understanding of each legal document and process was all that I needed to feel comfortable and trust that this was the right lawyer for me. . . . I value the fact that Elizabeth provided me with valuable knowledge and professional guidance to help ensure that both of my businesses were abiding by legal guidelines and overall protected. I would highly recommend working with Elizabeth . . . .” – Nicole M. Binns, NMBA Agency.


“The law office of Elizabeth L. Carter was a pleasure to work with! She was very helpful in getting our gym “The Fit Factory” up and running! She was very transparent in her work, and we felt very comfortable with her way of doing business. Elizabeth was very efficient in meeting our deadline and [sic] her communication was on point! I would def[initely] recommend her to friends and family and we will be using her again for our legal services!” – Tarrant Anderson, the Fit Factory.


"The most impressive thing about working with Ms. Carter was that she had a genuine connection to the protection of my life's work. She simply wants her clients to win." – Jimmysodope


“When I was approached with an opportunity to sign with [a modeling agency,] I was enthused but wanted to ensure that the contract was legitimate. I reached out to Ms. Carter and she gladly reviewed it and suggested changes that were in my best interest financially, and ensured the protection of my likeness. She fought to ensure I got what I deserved, and I'm so grateful for that.” – Shane Fuller, Co-President & Founder, Them Cloud Kids Inc.

Community Engagement


            The firm’s commitment to its clients can be seen in its support of its surrounding community.  One of its proudest moments in this last year was hosting a workshop geared towards broadening opportunities for women: “Using Investment Crowdfunding as an Alternative to Grow Minority-Women Owned Businesses.” This workshop was held with guest host Jenny Kassan, an industry leader in securities law. At this event,  the focus was on teaching women of color how to access alternative funding for their businesses in the midst of systematic marginalization from mainstream financing while maintaining control of their businesses and gaining community support and providing a basis to seek legal advice. Workshops and events such as this enable the firm to interact with current and potential clients so that they can better understand their perspectives, questions, and needs.


After hosting this successful event on the topic of women entrepreneurs and investment, the firm is gearing up for its second workshop in the Fall. This workshop will focus on urban redevelopment and minority co-developers, and how they can better structure joint venture deals in order provide more inclusivity in local development. The firm is looking forward to providing much needed legal resources and legal advice to a broader audience in this field. More information will be available on its website and social media platforms.


An Eye Towards the Future

As the firm moves into its second year, Elizabeth is excitedly looking towards the future. The firm is taking this past year’s experience, especially its increase in real estate clients, to shape its goals moving forward. Elizabeth’s vision for the firm’s future includes assisting clients in more commercial real estate endeavors, and establishing its foundation as the go-to firm for minority and women redevelopment work in order to  make  a greater impact in our communities. She wants to be the first thought when potential clients look for a commercial real estate attorney in New Jersey and New York. Furthermore, the firm’s commitment to equipping investors and entrepreneurs with the appropriate legal tools for raising capital and garnering community support is enhanced by the firm’s hands on approach to ensuring that its clients better understand their legal rights and positions. In addition, the firm’s engagement with the community allows it to interface with clients in ways that most law firms do not, and highlights Elizabeth’s ability to think outside the box to better assist clients.



The Law Office of Elizabeth Carter is founded on a specific interest in empowering its clients and community by providing deliberate, detailed legal service. Elizabeth would like her clients to know that “we are a team and I am here to help you reach your  goals.”


To find out more about The Law Office of Elizabeth L. Carter or set up a [free] consultation, please visit the lawyer website at https://www.elcarterlaw.com/, engage with the firm on Facebook at @elcarterlaw or Instagram at @elcarterlaw, or contact the firm directly at 973-234-0235 or elizabeth@elcarterlaw.com